Refund & cancellation

Transaction fees, charges are applicable as shown on the checkout page & payment is non-refundable. Since our embroidery designs are downloadable, we understand that the designs once purchased, are already used by you and you are not liable for any kind of refunds from us. No orders can be cancelled, so before purchasing any designs, make sure that our products or service is no-refundable & non-cancellable.

If any charges have been modified from payment gateway side, users & customers are liable to pay those fees for their future transactions.

We at embroiderypack.com reserve all right to modify products, services and everything that available on the sites.

DMCA - Copyright complain here

Use this page to make copyright claim for any designs trademark or copyright related issues. We will verify those claims manually for you and after verification; the file will be removed if our quality assurance team believe that is real copyright claim.

We may ask you some details to verify copyright related issues & can only help you when we receive asked information from you. So make sure you contact us with proper copyright related documents and evidence to process your claim faster.

Be a Design Provider

We purchase embroidery designs if your collection is really creative and unique from other sellers. We also exchange embroidery designs with embroidery designers so if you want to exchange your embroidery designs, you can always use our service.

If you want to sell your embroidery designs, send us 5 designs from your collection as a sample for review. Make 3 folders, place 5 designs into each & make sure you name the folder with category name. E.g. Lace, Dress, Patch like this.

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